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Do I have to be 100% sure about this?

Shared living, for most of us, is a brand new way of life. You may remember the “Golden Girls” show and laughingly wonder if you are most like Blanche, Dorothy, Rose or Sophia. But then remind yourself that it was a sitcom and not real life.

As you move around the Senior Women Living Together site, you might sometimes feel excited by the prospect of living with others…….at other times, you might wonder if this life-style is right for you.

It’s normal to have some concerns when contemplating such a big change.

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We have a list of articles designed to explain the most common questions about shared living.

Things like managing pets, the best number of homemates, whose furniture to use and getting prepared for the changes are some of the topics.

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How much commitment is enough…..

As you continue discovering what our shared living option is all about, you may decide to become a member to learn more. Even though you may not be 100% certain, checking out the profiles of potential homemates may give you a better idea of what’s possible.

Eventually, 100% commitment is required. But in the meantime, it costs little to explore and imagine yourself living together with other like-minded women.

Enjoy the adventure. Become a member HERE

9 replies on “Do I have to be 100% sure about this?”

I think having support as women is powerful in so many levels especially when we age and need company so we are not alone and isolated. That is paramount for mental health! Eva Tonello ♥️ ♥️

I am Olympia. I just lost my in-law and, besides the loneliness, l also feel the need to split the rent. I am looking for a kind, sociable person to live with and to enjoy the happy moments of life. I think that sharing together a home/apartment can be a very good idea if the other person is compatible.

Like Maraquita, I’m facing a big change with a lot of uncertainties I’m very new to this site and concept, so stumbling around and getting frustrated, but I’m sure that will sort itself out. I am not tied specifically to one area of Ontario. I live in Oshawa right now and I have family here, but I also have family in Toronto, and “sisters” and “brothers” in the Fort Erie area and Hamilton. As long as I’m within driving distance of everyone I’m happy. I really like the concept of a “Golden Girls” situation. Now I’m living in the basement apartment of a home, but the owner and I do not really connect, other than walking our dogs together. I feel very lonely at times. I’m looking forward to having a good relationship with housemates.

Im exploring this option. a big question for me is where. I am originally from Oshawa and live on the coast of Lake Erie currently so its good to know there are others from this area. I’m living with old friends, a mother-daughter. they have such a strong bond that I do not feel welcome, I feel excluded, not what I want to continue much longer

Did you figure out someplace to live? I would love to live on the Lake Erie coast. I was in Fort Erie for about 5 years, maybe more, and felt like it was my hometown. Just loved it from the moment I stepped into the convenience store. I had a really cute house there — it was quite old but I loved it.

I am facing a lot of decisions in the next year. I am feeling more and more sure that a shared living arrangement with other women would be a really good option for me. Exactly where is a big question. I think I’d be happy living in one of any number of communities – my chief priority is finding the compatible women to live with!

Hi SuzyQ1948,
Can you tell me what did you decide about what you want?
I would like a homemate with humor sense, not a grumpy one, so we can enjoy the life plenty. I live in a townhouse, l am renting it and the rent is too high for me from the time my husband died. I have everything l need for a decent living in my home, l give to my homemate the master bedroom and l keep the two little bedrooms, one being my own bedroom and the other one my studio, for my painting skills. All 3 bedrooms are on the second floor. I also have a huge basement and a laundry room.
I like gardening, l like taking pictures, baking and sometimes cooking.
My townhouse is in a safe place of North York, Toronto. The backyard is faced East-West, so l have sun all day long.
Best regards, Olimpia 🙂