Getting Started: Everything you need to know

Read all of our descriptive, informative articles to prepare yourself for a successful adventure finding homemates for shared living.

Our Founder’s Story
Learn how Senior Women Living Together got started and why

Why senior women NEED to consider shared housing
Find out why affordable housing is a problem for most single senior women

Do I have to be 100% sure about this?
Learn when it’s okay to not be sure and when 100% commitment is required

What is different about living with a homeowner or leaseholder?
It’s important to know the differences

Including pets in your shared living home
Just like you, your pets also get more social support

How many is too many in a shared living home?
Is 2 enough? Is 4 too many? It’s your choice.

How much togetherness is too much?
No, you don’t have to spend all of your time with your homemates.

Common concerns about shared living
A variety of issues that concern most women

Less can be more: Downsize first!
Discover why downsizing does not need to be an awful process

Take Your Time: A happy home doesn’t happen in a day
Find out why it is important to not rush through our process

Check out our “Step-by-Step Process for Success

Senior Women Living Together does not warrant the fitness or character of any of its Members or Users, or the suitability of any space of members who also happen to be homeowners. Members and Users of our services shall be entirely responsible for their respective choices of people with whom to share a home, whether rented or owned.

Are you ready to become a member?
Want to start looking for compatible homemates?

Once you are a member, you will get access to all of the following information and tools.

Creating Your Profile
Tips for creating a great profile

Searching for Compatible Homemates
Search well and wisely
Finding the right fit
Homemate Shopping Tips
Compatibility Checklist

Meeting Potential Homemates
Getting to know potential homemates

Homemate Agreement Issues
Homemate agreements are essential
Essential lease information
Aging together
Maintaining healthy relationships

** Search our Profile Database to find homemates
** Compatibility Checklist
** Homemate Agreement Worksheet and Guide
** Members Forum where you can chat privately
** Individual support from our experienced coaches

** access to our Living the Dream forum where you can chat and share ideas with others who have successfully found homemates
** access to our coaches who provide support and helpful solutions

10 replies on “Getting Started: Everything you need to know”

I met some lovely ladies at our Kitchener Waterloo meet up groups, a few became friends. Living alone during this pandemic has made me appreciate the gift of live in companions, sharing one’s home is a lot healthier, it keeps one on their toes. Living with others, you discover that there is always room for personal growth but it won’t happen if you don’t have others to reflect back to you the things you need to work on in yourself.

Hi Annie. Are you interested in seeking compatible homemates? If so, you need to become a member. Have a look at our “Join Us” page (under the Membership tab in the top menu).

If you aren’t ready to start looking for homemates, continue to read our articles to learn more and you can join our free Getting Started forum (the link is found under the Getting Started tab in the top menu. 🙂

Yes, Annie, it does take a bit of time to finde everything here. First become familiar with the top menu and what is included under each tab.

Watch for a welcome email from us with links to important things to do. 🙂