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Senior Women Living Together!

We are certain that our website is a great place for you to reach senior women interested in your products/services.

Here is our non-profit corporation Mission Statement:
“We assist low and moderate income senior women in Canada to find compatible homemates and create successful shared living arrangements in rental housing. Our service provides education about shared living, tools and resources to find compatible homemates and the ability to engage with one another directly through our platform.”

Learn more about us in our About Us section.

Who will see your advertisements…..

Our typical member is a woman (or identifies as a woman), 55+ years old and living alone in rental accommodation. Or they may own their home or live with relatives or other unrelated people.

They are interested in shared living because it gives them a way to have more disposable income. This is great news for you ….. more disposable income means more buyers for your product or service!

We do not discriminate based on social status, religion, income, heritage or sexual orientation. So yes, we have it all covered.

Wondering about the size of the market here?

There are approximately 350,000 senior women living alone in Ontario. Our marketing program goal is to build our Ontario membership to a minimum of 39,000 members within the first year. This is just 10% of the potential Ontario market and a very realistic goal.

Typically, a member who is actively looking for homemates will spend an hour or two a day on our website. They read our posts, examine potential homemates profiles for compatibility and chat with possible homemates in our Forum. It typically takes, on average, three months for members to find their homemates and start living together.

So at any given time, you could have 10,000 women viewing your advertisement on a daily basis!

A little about our marketing program…..

Our housing concept started as a Facebook group which grew into a membership of over 1800 Ontario women within one year. This happened basically through word-of-mouth.

But also because media outlets, like CBC Radio/TV, recognized our novel housing concept as filling a need for senior women that had not been available previously.

See all of the news stories about us HERE.

To promote our website, we have a full marketing program that includes ongoing paid advertising, social media marketing, direct mailing outreach to senior centers, newspaper and magazine ads etc. We have also set up a full range of media opportunities where we will talk about our website, but also mention our advertisers. Companies, like yours, who are supporting the important work we do.

Advertising with us is a win-win opportunity…..

If you have a product or service that is relevant to Ontario senior women, you can’t lose by advertising on our website. And our membership wins too by learning about your awesome product or service!

You will be helping us to continue our important work while getting instantaneous exposure to your potential customers.

Here are our rates: (To Be Added)

If you are interested in this great opportunity, please send us an email that provides:
1. Information about your product or service
2. A link to your home page or advertisement
3. Which of the above advertising rates you wish to purchase

If we agree that what you are offering is a good fit for our members, we will provide you with the next steps to take…..and voila!!…..your ad will appear on our website.