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Including pets in your shared living home

You may be wondering how your beloved pet will fit into a shared living arrangement. Or if you don’t have a pet, you may be wondering how much care you will need to provide for a homemate’s pet.

(If living with pets is a deal breaker for you, seek out others who feel the same way.)

Pets need to be compatible too…..

As a pet owner, when you are looking for compatible homemates for yourself, you are also looking for compatibility for your pet. As well, your potential homemates may also have pets. Then, you are looking for compatible petmates for your pet.

It sounds a bit complex, but it can work out perfectly with a little planning. Here are a few tips.

1. Check the profiles for those who have pets and those who are willing to live with pets.
2. Include lots of discussion about your pets when you chat with potential homemates. Share both the good things about your pet but also the behaviours that might be troublesome for others.
3. Be sure to introduce your pets to each other and let them spend time together to ensure that they get along well.

The Internet has lots of information and even YouTube videos about how to introduce pets to each other and then help them get along. It’s well worth the time to share this information with potential homemates in order to create a workable and effective plan for introducing your pets.

Discuss and agree on specific rules for pets…..

Pets need lots of care and attention and for the most part, the owner of the pet will likely provide what is needed. However, all homemates may have to take a caregiving role from time to time. So, it is essential that details need to be discussed and decisions added to your homemate agreements.

Have discussions and create agreement on how your homemate group will manage all of the following pet issues:

  • feeding, exercise and elimination
  • discipline and training
  • allowed on furniture and beds
  • cats allowed on kitchen counters
  • chewing and scratching
  • barking and other noises
  • managing the pet when the owner is absent

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8 replies on “Including pets in your shared living home”

Good morning, I am looking to share accommodations with a yard. I have 3 dogs, two medium and one small. I have trained and shown my dogs and I am currently instructing puppy classes and private lessons. So I am well versed in the care and behavior of my dogs. Hi Brenda!

I’d like to find a home that is happy to welcome Sadie and me. Sadie is a 10 yr old greyhound who was originally a racing dog. She is very mellow and its true what “they” say about greyhounds, they’re 40mph couch potatoes. Sadie has never been on human furniture, but I can attest to her need to sleep! Her manners are excellent and she’s quiet. She likes other dogs and cats; I can’t attest to her behavior around “littles” — birds, mice, gerbils, etc. We would like a home with easy access to a fenced backyard, or if we share an apartment it would need a balcony.

I have a 4 year old Powdered Puff Chinese Crested dog called Susie that weighs about 8 lbs that is sweet as can be. She can bark when someone is at the door but I do have a bark collar that does stop this behavior
I also have a beautiful 7 months old kitten who is quite sweet but loves to have play time in the morning. However, she is settling down as she gets older. They are my sweeties and are a deal breaker for me. Hopefully I can find a home 🏡 that will work for all of us. Hugs!

I have a 14 year old cat. She is very set in her ways. She is used to dogs but doesn’t particularly like other cats. I am fine with other animals.

I’d like to find a home that has a backyard for my dog. She’s a small cockapoo and has been socialized since 16 weeks old. I’m allergic to cats so that’s not a good fit for me. Lola is accustomed to other dogs. She’s very attached to me and I’m sure she would benefit from being around other dog lovers.

Hi Denise
I too would like a yard for my two dogs. Both are sweet, well behaved and like most dogs. I always said to my training classes, we don’t like everyone we meet so please don’t expect your dogs to like everydoggie they meet. Most when introduced properly are fine.
My Profile is up and I will check out yours and friend you. please feel free to friend me.
Brenda Lowry