Thank you for your interest in joining
the Senior Women Living Together Website

To join, you MUST be:

  • a woman or you identify as a woman; and
  • at least 55 years old; and
  • single; and
  • a renter
    or a homeowner with space to rent out
    or a leaseholder with space to rent out; and
  • currently living in Ontario, Canada.

Most of our members are currently living alone in a rental. However, some own their homes or have a large enough rental unit to share. We have specific conditions for homeowners and leaseholders, so if this applies to you, please read the following articles before joining.

Homeowners, if you are looking for someone to live with you in your home, please read this before joining.

Leaseholders, if you have extra space and want someone to live with you,
 please read this before joining.

Senior Women Living Together does not  warrant the fitness or character of any of its
subscribers, or the suitability of any space of subscribers who also happen to be homeowners. 
Subscribers of the Senior Women Living Together website shall be entirely responsible
for their respective choices of people with whom to share a home.
We do not promise that subscribers will find compatible homemates through our service.


Please do not choose your email address as your Username. Choose something that does not identify any personal information.

Please contact us if you have a problem registering.

The following describes all of our membership options.
Scroll down to see our FREE option before choosing.


Our full membership includes:

  • supportive, informative articles explaining everything about shared living
  • full, unlimited access to all of our tools, our message system and chat program.
  • full access to our Member Directory and Groups Directory
  • individual or group support from our experienced coaches

After you register, you will receive an email
with a link that you must click on in order to
activate your account.

NOTE: It usually takes at least 3 months to find compatible homemates.

Our Membership Fees:
1. $30 for 3 months

2. $55 for 6 months

To pay by e-transfer
1. On your banking website, set up [email protected] as the recipient for your e-transfer.
2. Fill in the following form.

Special FREE memberships
are available!!

*The FREE membership is not available for
homeowners at this time*

We have a strong commitment to supporting low-income women. So, our Full Membership is FREE to women whose income is $24,000 per year or less. No proof of income is required….we rely on your good faith.

If your income is higher than $24,000 per year,
please pay our fee.