This is for landlords with properties in
Ontario, Canada

We are excited to begin partnering with you.

Senior Women Living Together (SWLT) is a non-profit organization that helps senior women in Ontario find other compatible senior women to live together in rental housing.

In the current housing market, it can sometimes be impossible for our members to find suitable places to live. As a private landlord, it can be hard for you to find good, long-term tenants.

So, it’s a win-win situation when we work together!!

Senior Women make really good tenants…..

  • We are responsible adults and take pride in our homes
  • We want to find long-term rentals and build our lives within the neighborhood
  • Wild parties and noisy events are just memories. Now, peace and quiet is what we want
  • Our retirement incomes are stable and secure.

As your partner, SWLT will …..

1. Find appropriate senior women tenants to match to the available space; generally one tenant per bedroom.

2. Screen each woman for proof of income and personal references.

3. Ensure that the women have completed the SWLT compatibility process and homemate agreement prior to moving in. A copy of their agreement will be provided to you upon request.

4. Ensure the women are aware of all of their responsibilities under the Residential Tenancies Act.

5. Provide monthly or quarterly check-ups with the tenant group to ensure ongoing adherence to your lease agreement, effective communication within the homemate group, resolution of disagreements within the homemate group, and to bring to your attention any concerns or needs of the homemate group (like repairs and maintenance issues).

6. Coordinate repairs and maintenance using the service providers you choose.

7. Replace any tenant that moves out with a compatible, screened replacement. Coordinate the moving process including disposal of items if needed. Advise you if any damage was done by the previous tenant.

8. Provide on-call support to the homemates in case of emergencies.

As our partner, you will…..

1. Commit to abiding by the responsibilities for landlords as detailed in the Residential Tenancies Act.

2. Abide by annual rent control increases.

3. Commit to long-term tenure (5 years and beyond). Moving is extremely stressful, physically and emotionally, for senior women. They want to be able to dig their roots deep into the house and the neighbourhood.

4. Allow all tenants to sign the lease. The tenant group will submit the total rent in one payment per month.

5. Allow SWLT time to pull together the tenant group. SWLT will inform you within 60 days if a tenant group cannot be found. (A homemate group can usually be created within 2 months).

Is there a fee involved in this partnership?

As a non-profit organization, SWLT charges a minimal fee of $25 per month, per tenant, for the length of the tenancy. Or you can choose to pay a one-time fee of $500 for us to pull together the homemate group. In this case, you would forego our monthly services.

We are also happy to discuss our fees and to create a contract with you for the services that meet your specific needs.

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