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Senior Women Living Together

If you are a single, senior (55+) woman (or identify as a woman) living in Ontario, and you are looking for an alternative to your current living arrangement, you’ve come to the right place. 

Senior Women Living Together is a platform where you can learn about shared living, find compatible homemates and together find suitable rental accommodation.

Perhaps you want more financial freedom?
Maybe you don’t like living alone?

Interested in avoiding a nursing home future
for as long as you can?

Our shared living option is the answer.

Note: Currently, our service is only available in Ontario, Canada. If you live in another area of Canada, please contact us and we will send you an invitation to join when we open in your province or territory.

If you are currently:

  • renting a room or an apartment, or 
  • living with family or friends, or 
  • a leaseholder and have a spare bedroom, or
  • own your home and have room for others

We will provide you with everything you need
to find compatible homemates

Learn about shared living and our process here

Informative articles describing all aspects of our shared living concept.

Senior woman looking confused and frustrated which we can alleviate with our coaching program.

Don’t worry!!
We will guide you through

the whole process.

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Step-By-Step To Success page HERE.


Meet some of the women who used our process to create their homemate groups and are now happily living together.

Learn how they did it and how you can do it too!

Shows Hazel and Kelly enjoying time together in the back yard.

Meet Hazel and Kelly …..
Kelly is a homeowner in a unique area of Ontario….Manitoulin Island. You need to take a ferry to get to her beautiful home. Hazel is an active 70-something woman, with a positive outlook and a passion for gardening. They met here on this website and started to chat about living together. Then, Hazel drove up (a 6-hour drive) to stay with Kelly for 3 days to see how compatible they were. The visit went really well, and they decided that Hazel would move in. Now, they are enjoying some new traditions together, like a campfire once a week and Sunday night dinners together. Hazel is thoroughly enjoying getting her hands dirty pulling weeds from the garden. What is their advice for finding compatible homemates and creating a shared living home together? They said, “Get out of your comfort zone and take a chance. Be honest and be prepared to communicate honestly.” Hazel added, “But I could write a book on how not to move.” Considering that on her own she rented a UHaul and moved her belongings/furniture to her new home….plus has at least 2 more trips to make, we are quite certain that her book would be full of great advice.

Meet Jana and Maribeth …..
When these two delightful women met, Jana lived in Etobicoke and Maribeth lived in Brampton, so it required persistence and planning for them to get together. Maribeth said, “We are really very different from each other. It might seem like we should be more alike to make shared living work but we have found just the opposite is true.” Jana agreed and added, “We are compatible and happy together, even though very different. We respect each other and there is no awkwardness between us. We learn from each other.” In April, 2022 they moved into a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment and aside from the financial benefits, they are both thrilled to have the social support. Although living together, they still live pretty separate lives overall. Yet, Maribeth talked about having been away for about a month and when she returned Jana welcomed her back with a big smile and a warm hug. Maribeth said, “You can’t buy that kind of thing.”

Meet our first 4-person homemate group…….
This success story is unique for a number of reasons. The house became available through a partnership between SWLT and the landlord. So, the house came before the formation of a homemate group. Two of the homemates already knew they wanted to live together so they searched for 2 more compatible homemates. Now, there are four of them happily living together in the house. This story is also unique because of how affordable it is. The landlord offered a great rental rate and almost everything is included. Each homemate’s portion of the rent is well below what can be found anywhere else. And finally, this story is unique because it’s SWLT’s first 4-person homemate group. We are expecting to see more and more as time goes on.

Meet Christine, Jo-Anne, Holly and Sandy…….
These 4 lovely ladies are now living together in a house in London. It all started when Christine and Sandy met through SWLT and decided they wanted to live together. Then together, they met Holly and Jo-Anne, both of whom were a good fit. When asked what they loved most about living together, they said, “knowing that there is someone there if I need them” and “having meals together”. Their advice to others is, “don’t be secretive – communicate about everything” and “don’t rush into anything”.

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